The Zakky Brennan Appeal

I was contacted by a friend of mine Dave McCune a few days back who asked me if I could get a United shirt signed for a friend of his, and so I asked him what was it for.

His friend has a 4 year old son Zakky who has stage 4 cancer and Dave asked would I like to help. I did not hesitate and said what can I do? A signed shirt was what he asked for, so off to work I went, I sent a email to my friend Ed Woodward at Manchester United and without hesitation he said ‘no problem Gordon’. United were willing to donate a signed shirt and ball, which was fantastic.

I thought to myself who else do I know that could help, so I contacted a friend of mine at Chelsea, and they sent a signed shirt as well. I did not realize how many friends I had in the sports world who would help the appeal! I then got a message to call a close friend of mine, Steve Jones (whom I have known all my life), who said that he would get a original Wayne Rooney signed England shirt from the 2014 Scotland game. I have had calls from other friends who are donating something and have promised something. I cannot tell you how much this means to me and the cause.

If anybody else would like to donate please get in touch with me.

I am just overwhelmed with the support we have got and thank everybody who is involved it means so much.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

If you would like to donate or offer help, please contact Gordon on or visit their JustGiving page here.

One thought on “The Zakky Brennan Appeal

  1. Hiya Gord, i still love football and have wanted to come and meet you again and play football with you and your new players! I miss you from Congleton 10 years ago!! Help me come and train with you again please! I loved playing with you every week!

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