Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post a quick update. I’ll be back posting regular articles soon, with one this week to come on my recent trip to England.

I’ve already resumed work on my podcasts with Talk Of The Devils and you can listen to the latest one by clicking here.

I hope you like the music on the intro – we decided on “Old Trafford Blues”, and no, the fading out part was not a coincidence!

Bye for now, Gordon.



One thought on “Podcast

  1. Listened to the last podcast and couldn’t agree more. The whole Rooney saga is doing my head in. I thought after his first transfer request that he had learned his lesson, as stated in his book. But it seems this is not to be as the “injuries” pre season is just fueling the gossip. I can believe that the other senior pros are getting fed up with it all but there is only deadly silence. Wish all agents were out of the game and players are free to speak what they feel and what they want. Unfortunately this is not the way of the world with pros now a days, bring back the kid who loved the game for what it is and is happy to play for the club who loves him. @gavyred šŸ™‚

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