One on One Soccer Camps in June/July

slide-2As you’ll be aware if you’ve read my website often, I’m hugely involved with the development of younger players in North America, running a series of camps throughout the year specialising in different age groups and all areas of the game.

As a player I loved nothing more than putting the ball in the net; to me, scoring is the most important part of the sport as that’s what wins you games! At One on One Soccer this summer we’re running a number of finishing schools in (enter town names here) and if you have a team or individuals that you feel might benefit from the experience then please have a look at how to get involved here.

One on One Soccer camps present the perfect opportunity for both male and female players to practice in an environment that will help them reach a higher standard. The program will introduce elements of the game that would be expected of them in more intensive programs but will not feature the same pressure – instead, giving youngsters the unique opportunity to test themselves in a competitive environment and benefit from some of the most insightful coaching available in North America.

The camps can be used as a school for perfecting the technique of finishing, or benefitting from the knowledge and experience of some of the most knowledgable names in the game to learn new ideas and tricks. As someone who has been involved in youth development in North America Soccer for over twenty years, I have a passion to ensure that a culture of excellence is established over time at grass roots level and firmly believe in One on One Soccer as the perfect camp for individuals and teams to really develop their game in a professional environment.

We treat the youngsters as professionals, constantly involving them in dialogue and communication in order to increase their confidence and ability to express their personality – this is not only beneficial for teams building a community spirit but also helps individuals in feeling comfortable and confident in expressing themselves both in and out of the game.

These camps take place at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA from June 23-26th and Colorado College at Colorado Springs, CO from June 30-July 3rd.

To download the registration form and choose your camp for this summer CLICK HERE , or click here for more details and more information about the other camps that One on One Soccer run here.

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