“Merlin” Is Here

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 08.27.27Well it’s finally here, this week I got my chance to get my hands on my autobiography.

I’ve been around for sixty years, it’s taken nearly two to put this together, and I must admit it’s a little strange to see everything down on paper.

There were a lot of orders through the website and I am so grateful for everyone’s interest.

I was happy to offer personalisation for the books and I must say there were a few requests that made me laugh! Look for a few surprises, as I got a bit creative with some of the orders…

That’s it for orders through this website, though, as I consider this my own ‘pre-season’, the signings were a nice warm up for two big events on Monday and Tuesday. Like I say, I’ve been so very humbled by the interest, and it meant a lot to me when Manchester United invited me to do a signing at Old Trafford on Monday. I’ll be signing books from 2pm-3pm, so get there in plenty of time.

And then on Tuesday, at 6pm, I’ll be at the Trafford Centre at the Waterstones store. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible, I always enjoy meeting supporters and hearing your great memories.

Earlier this week I was on the TalkOfTheDevils podcast with Darren Jennings and my author Wayne Barton – we recorded it live from Mottram Hall and had a great time. You can listen to it here.

Hope to see you in the week – bye for now,





2 thoughts on ““Merlin” Is Here

  1. Well it may be a bit late, but just received my copy of the autobiography, and how pleased was I to read some very kind thoughts, page 100, about myself and Dorothy. Gordon was our next door neighbour just after his transfer to the Reds, as a Bolton supporter just what I needed. However I need not fear, in spite of the difference in years we got on so well. Gordon would come home from training, launch himself into our kitchen where Dorothy would make him Sausage, Egg, Beans and Chips (made in a proper chip pan). We spent many happy hours playing darts in his garage, he was so competitive that he wouldn’t let me go home until he beat me. We also spent many happy hours playing snooker, he’d taken lessons from the famous John Virgo, but I could still beat him. Gordon was not interested in going ‘on the town’ he had a sensible upbringing, and fame was just an irritable part of his profession. Just one last story for you, Man Utd wore ‘Admiral’ kit and their representative would appear from time to time, with a car boot full of kit. Gordon would introduce me as his Dad, I wore ‘Admiral’ jumpers, tee shirts, leisure shirts for many months after his visit. I often wonder whether the rep. had sussed a Cockney with a Lancashire dad.

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