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GordonHill11GordonHill11.com is the official website of the former Millwall, Manchester United and England winger Gordon Hill.

Gordon – nicknamed “Merlin” in his time at Millwall, went on to win the FA Cup with United in 1977 in a career that saw him score over fifty times for the Reds.

After a spell in the United States in the second half of his career, Gordon now promotes the beautiful game in North America, specialising in grass roots development of youngsters as a director across the country. Details on camps can be found through the above link for United Sports.

This website is the place for any news and thoughts of Gordon. For news on his coaching and camps follow the menu.

Gordon’s Wikipedia page

View a selection of Gordon’s goals from his time at Manchester United

View the first part of the MUTV documentary “When The Floodlights Fade” – if anyone finds the second part let us know!!

When the Floodlights Fade: Gordon Hill from Phil Matthews on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi Merlin!, don’t do twitter or ff so chuffed to find your comments on my united phone app! Well of course you perfectly recognised that Bale is just like you. So exciting to watch. You are my all time favourite player and before CR turned up with his feet plaiting there was no one to touch you. You are the reason I started the trek from Leeds to Manchester aged 14 all starry eyed with a bunch of drunken fanatics on a supporters bus. So sad when you left us but glad you found a different life in the sun. This is my first attempt at an email from my new phone so hope it reaches you Hilly! Love Zena-c’mon United tonight and forever x
    Sent from my Windows Phone

    1. Gordy: Alex graduates in a few weeks and I wanted to let you know that he made the All-District team his senior year (regional teams haven’t been announce yet, so I’m not sure if he made that team. He played well enough to). I don’t know which position because he started at eveyone (except for keeper) at least once this season. I wanted to let you know that he did play D-1 this year too and played very, very well also.

      I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the quality of training and the love for the game that he got from you; it says something about what you’ve done when a kid on a top ranked team in the state and nation can be plugged in anywhere on the pitch and have the team not miss a beat. He had scholarship offers from several teams, one in Tennesse was very serious. His grades weren’t up to snuff though, so he’ll begin by playing J.C. ball, hopefully at Tyler Junior College for a year. We’ll work on getting him into a four year after that.

      I just wanted to take a moment to update you on one of your favorite former players. Thank you Gordon; Alex and I will always be your biggest fans.

      Kindest regards,

      Michael Alguire

  2. Gordon great video of what you are doing at McKinney and in the USA in general. Hope it all works out for you mate. Love to see more of your followers from twitter experiencing this website. Some great articles and views. @gavyred

  3. Another wee memory that I would like to leave with you Gordon. Growing up in a small town of Lurgan in Northern Ireland in a very troubled time all we had as kids was football. At the end of our street we had a “square”. With little money about few people had cars, so we painted goal posts on the garage walls at one side and on te wooden fence at the flats on the other.
    I always pretended to be you, my brother Lou Macari and other friends and neighbours the other favourite players of their team at that time. I was ok, my brother Mel was excellent. But we had a wee friend and neighbour from our street, a certain Neil Lennon, who although years younger could play a few tricks. Neil hasn’t done too bad for himself and am happy for him and for what he has done.
    The point I would like to make is that in this day in age all us parents hear about is asthma, obesity and lack of fitness. One only has to take a look out their window on a Christmas day now to see the streets empty. Back in our day everyone was out to show off their bikes etc, items that would keep the kids fit and entertained, (and most of all out of their parents way, lol). Kids now have their PS3’s and Xbox’s to play FIFA etc and pretend to be the next Ronaldo, Messi or Rooney on the screen. Unfortunately it is not as healthy and defiantly not quite the same.
    Have a great weekend Gordon, @gavyred

  4. I had a book published a few years back called If the Kids are United, this mainly tells of me growing up as a Manchester United crazy kid in a mining village in the 70’s to the ‘rattling rise of Fergies’s red army,’ in the 90’s, and my 18-year-long quest to get my hands on a FA Cup final ticket when United reached the final. The book received 5 and 4 star reviews from all the top football magazines in the country.
    One of the funniest chapters is Cup Final 76: My Perfect Cousin. United played Southampton in the 1976 final, Gordon Hill the hero in getting us there, my favourite player and I thought all my dreams had come true when my dad truly believed we were related to Gordon Hill (our second name is Hill, we were a family of good footballers and dad had a cousin in the area of London Gordon came from, with a son about his age). I had visions of Gordon coming to visit me on my council estate and giving me a Cup Final ticket….how did it turn out?

  5. Hey Gordon,
    Whew! They have been working me hard up here. 13 hour days full to the brim. Learning a lot. Enjoyed meeting you on the plane last Sunday. You made my first plane flight in years more enjoyable. I hope your camps are going well and that you manage the altitude in Colorado Springs. Great place to test the endurance of new recruits. If you pass through Atlanta you have someone to call. 678-334-5139. Take care of yourself.

  6. Dear Gordon,
    I really appreciate you taking your time to come to Colorado and coach me and my fellow camp members. I learned many thing while I was out there on that pitch with you. One of the many things I learned is that the inside of your foot was the most important part of your body in the game of soccer. The part that I loved the most was when you got frustrated with the outfielders and started volleying them at the goal with me in it. I liked that so much because it gave me a huge challenge and I love challenges. Congratulations on your new grandkid and hope you have a great rest of the summer in Florida. Thanks again.

    Austin Campbell

    1. Dear Austin:

      You are a lucky young man to have trained with Gordon; there is no better developmental coach in the United States. Take the things you learned to heart, employ them and you will be very successful.

  7. Why is everyone jumping on Moyes…..Well!
    Poor Judgement on keeping Nani,Young and buying Fellaini……
    ..Using 2 central defenders who were used sparingly last season…..
    Using Giggs this season.Too often!…….
    Failures in the Transfer Market….
    Telling us he got what he set out for…….
    Dismantling Sir Alex’s boot room…..
    .Smalling….?….Valencia..?..Wellbeck…(shows how poor England are!)
    Where is Saha….Where is Kagawa…..Where was Janusej…….
    Lending out Lingard…Powell….Henriquez….And for that matter Macheda(Always had more ability than Desperate Dan)
    ……..Are these kids not good enough…..Are they worse than Young,Valencia,Fellaini.,Smalling,Wellbeck,..Why NO CHIQARITO TODAY/?.
    Why no tactical change today?.WHY NO CHANGE IN TACTICS
    Fear?….Why only one sub., used………..Is he ONLY A.MID TABLE MANAGER.?……
    IF I SEE YOUNG ON AGAIN THIS SEASON ,I doubt that DM will see the season out ……………….
    So come out fighting……Liverpool next….along with their racist cannibal!
    Well at least he will put a bit of bite into the game……Will the Scousers Hannibal Lechter EAT into Moyes Future…….I actually feel sorry for him……The next 5 matches will be judgement……..He inherited the Champions…..They played like Chumpions …and Dear Patrick Barclay……please ….I am No plank!

  8. Hi Gordy, was wondering what you were up to these days as dont see you in or around Macclesfield anymore, good to see your still in the football scene, found a funny pic of the old Gordon Hill Soccer schools with all the Bolly Utd lads from 97 the other day, think it has Arthur Albiston and Stuart Pearson on it, not sure though. keep up the good work, will read regularly .

    Tom Sefton Macclesfield

  9. Hi Gordon, read your article where you mentioned some of the new appointments at the FA. Maybe Dan Micciche does not fill you a wow factor but if you had seen any of his teams play you may be of a differing opinion. Over the years he has been responsible for producing some very exciting and skilful young players who are either highly sought after or have since moved on to other clubs. One of the problems we have in this country has to do with the profile of coaches who may not work at the so called elite clubs. In my experience of academy football over an eight year period I have found that the more open coaches have come from lower league clubs. Sadly I have also experienced some highly questionable coaching methods by coaches at the so called elite clubs. Dan will I am convinced become an outstanding coach if he is given the opportunity to do so in a country that continually plays catch up with so many other countries.

  10. Hi Gordon.
    My name is Terry Austerberry, not sure you will remember me but I was a delivery driver delivering to a company called Ellermans in Sunbury where you worked while playing for Southall in the early 70’s before signing for Milwall. I was and still am a great Chelsea fan and we spent many a time discussing football in general.
    I have just found your webb page and delighted to see you are still involved with football.
    I did hear that you were involved with youth training in America but had no idea you were back in the UK, the last time we met was when you were playing for United at an away game at Stamford Bridge but I can’t remember what year that was.
    I have been retired now for 2yrs and have just moved down to Lee-on-Solent Hants so I am planning to enjoy my time here by the sea.
    I would like to wish you luck getting into a managerial post here but things don’t seem to be too good for English coaches, I’m afraid experience doesn’t seem to stand for much these days. It seems as if it’s a merry go round of the same guys going from one team to the next and there’s very little chance of breaking into that group of managers.
    Hope you don’t mind me reminiscing like this, and wish you all the luck in the future.

  11. Hi Gordon,

    Hope you read this. I played with you when you went to Centre ’69, can you remember? Unlike today, where every kid wants to tweet, or get on fb, or generally sit on their bums playing phone tag or on their tablets, you, me and the other teens were at Centre ’69 every night playing five aside. Great days, great memories. You were the magician with those dribbles, once playing with you in a two game semi final, where you scored 24 goals in one leg, 25, in the second. Then Staines Town, where my home backed on the ground, watched you then as well. Grand days.

    Listen to your commentaries, and agree with you about many issues. Keep going Gordon, and sincerely hope you might reply to me eventually.


  12. Gordon, really pleased to find your website, you were my hero as a footballer, and I spent many days in my man u kit, in Dublin Ireland, trying to emulate, how you played. I’m 50+ now and chairman of Rugby Town Junior FC, in UK. We work with Strachan Football Foundation, founded by Gordon Strachan, another Man U legend. Next time you’re in the UK come and see me, would love to show you what we’re doing, and how after all these years you are still inspiring me. Looking forward to the book, and the store.
    Liam T Coulter
    Chairman RTJFC

  13. Hi Gordon just wanted to say thanks for FACUP tickets I got Through you. I worked for Barry Kitchener in his shop
    Knowing I love man utd he got me two tickets he told me it was you that helped him get them so
    It’s a bit late but only just found website so thanks very much . Just watched some of your goals on MUTV
    And with Barry passing away I thought it was time for some thanks

  14. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added
    I get four e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people
    from that service? Thank you!

  15. Oi Oi Merlin
    I Hope you remember me?, you will always be my legend in the lilly white kit of The Wall, seeing you Kitch, Crippsy, Allder, Dorney all train at Deptford Park, I still Hope & Pray to see ya before a Game, coming on to be introduced to the fans as a Legend with twatty Deano Standing, of which you truly are in aspects of the game and word, Our Club & My Legend, Merlin.
    If you remember, I sore you in Cheshire at one of your Football Academy’s, and we sat a spoke for an hour on Millwall and the rubbish you recieved from Chester and more! we got in contact and then lost contact, and hope to re kinder the interesting football chat and funny anicdotes!
    I heard you put an application in for the last Managers job at The Den? did you get an Interview with Mr Berylson?How did it go? I would have loved to see ya Back at The Den, you know that Boy, aye.
    Hope you are well?, The Family are well? and all is Pukka? until the next point of interest Our Merlin, with this email message, I send a Huge Deptford Hug, bet ya aint had one of those for years! 😉 speak soon!

  16. A tough run in For the boys merlin son! have Birmingham tonight at The den 25/3/14, and then Blackburn at the Den 29/3/14, a 6 pointer if ever I have seen two more important games for The Lions, these are the games that I would love to turn the clock back, and see our Merlin, tormenting defences, superb memory’s! until the next point of interest, keep in touch Merlin Son!

  17. Dear Gordon,

    While it has been many years since our paths crossed (Benfica in Kansas City), your influence on me as a young man and player has revealed itself time and again in my professional and personal life. Who would have known the lessons you shared as “Coach” would still being making a difference today? So as I sit here on a Saturday taking in my weekly allotment of English Football and reflecting on my own time as a player and coach….I wanted to take moment to wish you and your family well and to thank you for making a difference in my life on and off the field. All the best.


    Dan Stoke

  18. Gordon, we met last youth soccer season at a match when the Lakeland FC came to Tarpon Springs. We spent some time talking about soccer and I introduced you to my grandson Ethan. You took a picture with him. Anyway we talked about you coaching in McKinney Texas. He just moved out here to Texas with us and is currently playing with the Andromeda club. I was wondering if your remember them or any other clubs that you would recommend here.
    Hope to here back and by the way he still talks about you! He remembers saying he was a Barcelona fan! 🙂
    Mike Brant

  19. Mike Brandt: I still live in McKinney TX and my son played and trained with Gordon for 6 years. When Gordy left we were heartbroken, but I found a phenomenal club, and they are in McKinney (well, Fairview) called AYSES. Fantastic system, fantastic coaches and fantastic training ground. Check them out, I was well pleased. AYSES is small enough club that you still matter, yet big enough to offer many opportunities.

    My son only played for them one year (it was all he had left), but he was made to feel welcome on a team that was already formed and had played together many years, and was given many opportunities to contribute. He received many offers to play at the college level and had a very serious offer from a school in Tennessee to come play for them (he couldn’t get a high enough score on his ACT to get in), and I attribute that to the Showcase Tournaments that they played in for AYSES. You should give them a serious look.

  20. Hi Gordon

    Saw you play many of your games for Millwall, never really been able to replace you after all these years. Those were great times down at the Den, the old one, not the new plastic version.

    Anyway, I heard you applied for the Lions job but they appointed Holloway instead. Big mistake that and his days are numbered. Hope you’ll apply again we need new blood not the same old faces and their baggage, and particularly someone who knows Millwall and is respected by the fans, especially the older ones.

    I now live in Johannesburg so don’t get to see many matches these days but did fly over for the Semi Final v Wigan.

  21. Dear uncle Gordon remember Matt hill your nephew ..well now I’m a dad myself ..George Graham Hill. Nearly eight mouths old read the book merlin . great reading keep in touch love to you and the rest of your family. Matt

  22. Gordon:

    There are still some of us in Chicago who will never get over the Hill! Looking forward to seeing Man U play at Soldier Field this summer.

  23. Alright Gordon
    I see you are over in Manchester in July are you doing any other events besides the stadium tour at Old Trafford ????

  24. Hi Gordon,
    I was remembering good times at Kenyngton Manor County Secondary School in Sunbury on Thames and the ‘football special weekend’ that we organised at our Youth Club in Worcester.
    The sad news is that Mike Thomas, Head of PE at Kenyngton died last week from a brain tumour. I had the pleasure of playing a game of golf with him last year when he was diagnosed with the problem and he was brilliant.

    Best wishes,
    Terry Denslow

  25. Hi gordon, this is abit of a blast from the past! I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me how to play football! Dont know if you remember me but i was lucky enough to come to Gordon Hill’s centre of excellence in congleton 1994 (little lukey)!! I stubbled across a few photos and thought i best thank the person who helped me fall in love with footy. Thanks again, hopefully one day i can repay you.

  26. Hello Gordon. Will always remember your goals for the Reds, Even now nobody scores direct from corners like you used to! Only wished you had stayed longer. Was miffed when that happened. Glad to see your doing well.


  27. I thank all of you for commenting on the site, especially Terry Denslow,

    I have fond memories of our wood working classes with you Terry and you will be pleased to know I kept them all up, but that game of football got in the way.

    but to all of you, listening and reading my articles

    Thanks You

    1. Hi Gordon,
      I was so impressed that you are involved in encouraging young people through football, as I spent my entire career in Youth Work after leaving Kenyngton Manor School and found sport, especially football, to be a valuable tool in helping young people in so many ways.
      Our Son (Gordon) who you entertained at Old Trafford when we visited you about 40 years ago remains an avid Manchester United fan as are his 3 sons and he found your website and told me that you had received my message and had replied.
      I was delighted that you remembered the woodworking classes and that you maintained that skill – I recall that we had a lot of fun in those days. I also fondly remember your brother Graham helping me in the School workshop turning out wooden fruit bowls on the lathes as Christmas presents and his help to me in physical education lessons at a small private school near our home in Chertsey.
      I hope that you are well and enjoying life and would be delighted to hear from you again.
      Bets wishes,
      Terry Denslow

  28. I miss you from Congleton Gord!! Plz can i come and train with you again 1 day!! I loved playing with you every week in congleton!! 10 years ago!! Best football ever with you! Cheers mate!

  29. Hi Gordon sorry I have only just picked the massage up on my house phone haven’t been at home much as Lizzies dad has been unwell the house phone doesn’t show your number so if you could ring again and leave your number I will call you back its been to long without talking 57 years of being friends not bad regards Jon

  30. Hey Gordon. We met today (Dec 23,2015) in a Starbucks in Ft. Walton, Fl. We were that family sitting next to you as you were signing autographs. Just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing a bit of yourself. Kids loved meeting you!! Me too!! Sharing your signed photo w the our BUSA club back home!! Our coach definitely knows you! He played for UAB in Birmingham when he was in college. Loves the game.

    Appreciate your stories about the hunt!!

    Thanks again for sharing a bit of yourself w us!!
    Tracy & Randy Cron

  31. Hi Gordon, I can’t believe that it will be 40 years ago, this Sunday, since that memorable FA Cup semi-final, at Hillsborough, against Derby County. I was a 14 year old schoolboy at the time, and even now, it’s still one of my favourite games watching United. I was behind the goal where you scored your second, so I had a great view of the first goal. I knew it was in as soon as you hit it! Thanks for such fantastic memories. All the best, Paul (Manchester)

  32. Morning Gordon, hope you’re well. 40 years today since that great day at Wembley, when we beat Liverpool 2-1, to win the FA Cup. Happy days! Cheers, Paul.

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