A New Season!

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 08.55.21A new season is here already and I wanted to share a few thoughts on Man Utd’s summer.

Bastian Schweinsteiger has been a great player and has been saying all of the right things about joining United. But talk is cheap. What happens if, all of a sudden, he gets injured, and struggles to perform on the pitch?

If he’s not producing it then it doesn’t matter what he says or how many nice pictures he takes. I can’t take anything away from the player that he has been. He gave everything for Bayern Munich and had such a fantastic and wonderful record there. But the second you get to Old Trafford, I’m no longer interested in what you did before. I’m interested in the future and knowing what he can give our club going forward. Look at van Persie. He said all the right things when he was at the club but now he’s in Turkey, where is he held in highest esteem? Probably Arsenal – I’m already hearing people saying he was a one season wonder at United.

I admit I’m concerned about Schweinsteiger’s injury record but he starts with a blank page at Old Trafford and as I always do, I will see what he does on the pitch here.

Familiar problems

Adnan Januzaj has a big year in front of him. He had a good breakthrough year and got a lot of criticism for not reaching the same standards last season. I’m not sure he’ll be a good centre forward but it’s a big year, whether he goes on loan or stays at United.

It’s like Harry Kane, who will have a lot of pressure this year. There has been talk of United moving for him but I would wait some time. We don’t know much about his reliability – is he as good as a Suarez?

You’re not letting players discover themselves. To me it’s the same old, same old and try as I might, I never end up really encouraged by what I see. And it’s so difficult because I keep banging the same old drum… On the training pitch I practice what I preach by encouraging young players to enjoy the game and try different things… while I’m away in the US, I always hear the same noises about how encouraged everyone is about the state of the game in the UK, but I go back for months at a time and realise nothing really has changed. It really is upsetting.

Could Bale be the right man for United?

Gareth has had some stick but I think he’s done a great job over in Spain. He’s suffered abuse from Spanish fans who don’t like him and it’s been unfair. I’ve seen a few Madrid games where he has been isolated and almost frozen out of games by their own players but he’s done as well as he could be expected to.

On the left hand side he would be a phenomenal signing, but what price do you pay? He’s rarely injured, he’s tremendously fit, and has so much talent. When you hear of the money we are looking to pay for some players, I don’t understand why Bale hasn’t been the number one target, and why he wasn’t first choice when we brought in Di Maria in the first place.

Gareth might not want to be seen as a failure in Spain but I don’t think that he would be if he left. At this point I think it’s probably safer to bet on him staying at Madrid.

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One thought on “A New Season!

  1. Still very early, but Schweinsteiger’s looking a good buy; even if he is past his peak. You’re correct about Bale: he is tailor made for OT. But I can’t see us paying the fee it’d take to get him. The amount of money sloshing around football is obscene anyway (but that’s another story).

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