A Festive Message

I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone who reads my website a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It’s been a very interesting year for me, one that has seen me take the time to reflect quite a lot as I’ve been writing my life story. Sadly it’s also been a year of loss as people I’ve known in both my personal and professional life passed away. You’ll normally come on here to read my thoughts on football; recently it’s been a bit quiet on my website as I take the time to put the finishing touches to my book, and to be honest, a message like this is nothing to do with football. There’ll be plenty of that in the New Year.

It’s a sentiment that I’m sure anyone reading will agree with; while we must take the time to remember those that aren’t with us, we should also look forward, and be grateful for what we have in the world. There’s too much sadness that comes with life as it is, without willfully being negative and dwelling on bad things.

Especially at this time of year, we should celebrate what we do have. Take the time to do something nice for someone you love and let them know that you love them – the kind of thing that costs nothing but means the world.

In closing, I want to return to the point I made at the top and just wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year.

Best wishes


2 thoughts on “A Festive Message

  1. And a very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year to you and your family Gordon. As you say we have lost loved ones but many have also had new lives come into the world like your granddaughter which is brilliant. Looking forward to your book next year too. Have a great time sir, @gavyred

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