My Heart Goes Out To Luke Shaw

Having suffered a bad knee injury in a game against Leicester City. And it was in the last moment of the game, which cast doubt on my playing career. I know what it feels like.

I understand and can feel for Luke Shaw,. Only 20 years of age, great left foot, and the football world at his feet, playing for England and a new club Manchester United, just makes it harder to take.

The improvement on the field by this player can only be achieved with true dedication and hard work, Not only does he wear it on his club sleeve he also wore it with the 3 lions.

Luke has already stated that he will come back fighting and I believe him.

After seeing the tackle in the game against PSV in which we lost 2- 1, I cannot say it was a intentionally foul, A defender had to tackle to stop him from perhaps scoring.

When I saw the video again and again, it seemed like a good tackle, but looking at it,
The defender took everything from the side and that included Luke as well. There had to be something happening.

I had found out that it is a double fracture, which will keep him sidelined for some time. But with the great medical people around today and technology being what it
And being such a young player, must surly encourage him,

I wish him the very best in his recovery. This game can be the best in the world and it can also take it away.

United’s Transfer Saga

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Even out here in Tampa having read and studied the David De Gea transfer situation and thought about it quite a lot, it seems to me that the whole point has been missed on the transfer of David De Gea.

Real Madrid as it widely known is short of money. The TV rights in Spain are being shared out a whole lot more fairly.

Ed Woodward rejected one offer from Madrid earlier in the summer and those at United grew increasingly annoyed with their public chase of the goalkeeper without putting in another bid that was serious until deadline day.

Florentino Perez wasn’t really in a great place to make a big splash in the transfer window as Real Madrid were not in a position where they could spend big money. Or, at least, the kind of money that United wanted, which is why the offers, when they did come, were so insulting. As Perez had made the promise to buy a Galactico every year, he had to be seen to go after De Gea, and hoped that he could try and force United to sell on the cheap on the very last day of the window.

Is that befitting behavior for a man in charge of running one of the biggest clubs in the world? No, and with the statements he has come out with after the deadline closed, we’ve seen the measure of the man. I wouldn’t be surprised if his days as president are numbered yet again. He may have attempted to play a clever PR game but it’s blown up in his face and he has shown his hand where Manchester United offered to contact UEFA and he refused. Finally DavidDe Gea has signed a four year contract, so obviously he has seen through it as well.

At United I was a little concerned to see us spend so much on Anthony Martial. I’ve been a firm believer that we should give one of our kids coming through a chance but I think with the transfer window closing, the club chose to take a gamble on the young player.

The jury is out on Martial – I know some people will be excited with his goal against Liverpool but let’s remember Memphis Depay got off to a great start. I just hope that these two signings don’t end up being positions in the team that could just as easily have been filled by a Ross Barkley, Harry Kane or James Wilson.

We will just have to wait and see… very interesting.